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Groups - Fundraisers

50/50 PARTY
If your group needs between $300 and $1000, the 50/50 party may be the best and easiest to conduct. They are great for clubs, school classes and sports teams of all ages. Establish the date, time and prices to be charged and what menu of items will be included at the event.

EXAMPLE: You want to receive $10.00 from each bowler to cover the cost of bowling. If you sell the tickets for $20.00 you make a profit of $10.00 for your organization. An event with 60 participants will make an organization $600.00 not including a raffle which is highly recommended.

Groups or organizations wanting to raise $2000 or more should use a Bowl-A-Thon format. Caution: It will only work with organizations that have lots of movers and shakers. A Bowl-A-Thon is where individuals get pledges from family, friends, and co-workers to support their cause. Typically, in a Bowl-A-Thon the average amount of pledges per person is over $100;but remember, 30% of the participants will bring you 70% of your money.

The Corporate Lane Sell can be used in conjunction with any type of fund-raiser. The way it works is committee members sell lanes to small businesses/corporations and the business can send 6 of their employees out to represent the company. The corporation gets a tax receipt and gets to reward 6 employees for their hard work. Ordinarily, corporate lane sells are sold for $100, $200 etc.

A Corporate Lane Sponsor is when a small business/corporation sponsors a lane, again, for amounts such as $100, $200 etc. The businesses are promoted by displaying their name and logo above or near the lanes, passing out items/merchandise or attending and introducing themselves to the participants of the event, or perhaps using a display booth for promotion.

A fund-raiser can make additional profit with a combination Corporate Lane Sponsor on top of a Bowl-A-Thon.

Example: Objective is to raise $8000 net in one afternoon

  • BOWL-A-THON:  12 lanes x 6 bowlers = 72 bowlers X an average of $100/person + $7,200
  • PLUS CORPORATE SPONSOR:  $250 per lane x 12 = $3,000
  • TOTAL RAISED:   $10,800
  • EXPENSES:  bowling, rental shoes, food, prizes, taxes, Entertainment approximately = $2,160
  • NET PROFIT:   $8,040

This is a 74% return on your dollar not including raffles and auctions that add fun and profit
to your fund-raiser!

The best way to ensure pledges is to ensure lots of people are participating. Get 5 or 6 movers and shakers from the organization with the task of recruiting 9 other captains of which they will fin 4 other people to bowl with. The minimum of $100 in pledges will get them into the event without paying any extra costs for a wonderful afternoon of bowling fun. All monies should be turned in one week prior to the event to ensure you can meet all guarantees that your group has made for the bowling and food!